The Use of Your Personal Auto Clicker For Dog Training

An auto clicker is an automated type of macro or software program that utilizes an external trigger to automatically click a pointing device on a particular computer screen. Clickers are either triggered manually to repeat previously recorded input or automatically generated from different settings within a graphical user interface (GUI). There are many different types of these devices that can easily be purchased online, or in some cases downloaded for free from certain websites. However, there are some important considerations that should be taken into account when using an auto clicker to train your pet. This article will provide details on what should be considered when using an auto clicker to train a pet.

How To Use An Auto Clicker

The first and most important point to consider is the placement of the auto clicker. An ideal situation would be for it to be placed at such an angle that the actual clicking action does not exceed more than half an inch from the main window of the computer. This rule of thumb is generally applied whenever training a pet to use the mouse. As such, many clickers are placed in such a way that they can only be clicked at an approximate range of a half-inch to three-quarters of an inch from the main window. Ideally, the distance between the main window and the clicker should never be more than one and a half inches in order to avoid damaging the monitor and causing it to vibrate.

Using Auto Clicker To Train Pets

Another important consideration when using an auto clicker to train pets is the requirement that all visual inputs are limited to only two physical mouse clicks per day. If you fail to follow this requirement, your pet will only be able to take one click each day, regardless of which direction the mouse clicks are directed. This will cause confusion among the two physical clicks, as the dog or cat will be clicking in the opposite direction of the original clicking direction. It is vital that you make sure to follow this requirement during training.

One important consideration for using an auto clicker for training is the time delay involved in the tool. The time delay ensures that the clicker will only start to make clicking movements when the required time delay has passed. For example, a repetitive task would require the dog or cat to reach toward the object on the toy box with its paw, wait until it has reached the top of the box, and click. Once the time delay has passed, the animal may well go back to reaching toward the object on the toy box without even thinking about it. Because of this, it is critical that you make sure the time delay involved is long enough for the animal to reach toward the object on the toy box without even thinking about it.

How To Control Delay In Auto Clicker

One way to control the time delay involved with your auto clicker for training purposes is to allow the clicking motion to be continuous or steady. If an object is being clicked repeatedly by the clicker, the animal's reaction will become habituated to constant clicking. Clickers are available which have a "chatter" motion that will emit a soft (some might call it "coarse") sound every time the clicker makes contact with an object.

Customize Auto Clicker

You can further customize your auto clicker for training by changing the speed or timing of the clicking actions. You can change these values through the software or through experimentation. Experimenting with different combinations of speed and clicking times will ensure that you find the best combination of hotkeys that maximize the benefits for your dog. Some of the different hotkeys that can provide this benefit include alt r, alt a alt shift r, and space. There are other hotkeys that provide similar benefits, but it is a good idea to experiment with several combinations before settling on a single command to use for all instances of clicking the mouse.


To conclude, the use of an auto clicker in conjunction with your personal training method can result in significant savings in time and money. You no longer need to depend on your own physical strength to teach your pet. You can train your pet to learn on their own, with the clicker and mouse button of your personal unit. You can take your dog out on walks without the worry that your pet will get out of control and chase down a fly or worse!

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